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Forestry and Forest Industry News from New Zealand

.... most recent Forestry and Forest Industry News from New Zealand: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu-Wanganui, Wellington, Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury, Otago, Southland and around the world.

"Call For Vigilance Over Green Image"

Feb. 11, 2011; Rotorua Daily Post: "A forestry leader is calling on the country and the industry to more proactively defend its environmental record.

Following last week's mix-up that saw Conservation International mistakenly claim New Zealand was second on its list of deforestation 'hotspots', instead of 22nd, Forest Industry Contractors Association chief executive John Stulen said New Zealanders failed to check the facts and 'vigourously defend our rightful green reputation'.

He claimed the error did not match this country's long-standing, proactive approach towards sustainable forestry and could have damaged New Zealand's green reputation." Read more... . external_link

"Jobs In Our Forests"

Feb. 11, 2011; The Gisborne Herald: "DEMAND for forestry workers in the Gisborne-Wairoa district has escalated alongside rising volumes of log exports across Eastland Port.

Forestry companies are facing a shortage of skilled workers as they move to increase their planting areas over the next three to six months, to meet growing demand from overseas markets.

Juken New Zealand general manager Sheldon Drummond says expansion in his company alone requires 80 to 100 workers for planting, silviculture and harvesting." Read more... . external_link

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"China Helps Nelson Forestry Grow"

Feb. 08, 2011; The Nelson Mail: "At a time when other pillars of the Nelson economy are showing signs of crumbling, forestry is standing tall. Peter Watson reports on an industry that may lack glamour but is providing plenty of grunt.

Forestry now rivals and may even surpass horticulture as the Nelson region's most important industry.

When the Nelson Tasman Regional Economic Development Agency last did the sums in 2009, horticulture was still top dog, but since then, pipfruit, wine and a host of other crops have felt the chill winds of recession, extreme weather and a high New Zealand dollar." Read more... . external_link

"Wood Redundancies Require A Government Response"

Jan. 18, 2010; Media Release: National Distribution Union: "Today’s 44 redundancies at Tangiwai Sawmill has prompted the union representing workers in the wood industries to call for more action from government to address the issues confronted by the sector. WPI has reduced its Tangiwai Mill workforce by 80, including today’s 26 voluntary and 18 compulsory redundancies. This follows the mothballing of its Prime Sawmill in Gisborne and 26 job losses at CHH’s Kawerau Sawmill, both announced late last year.

Robert Reid, General Secretary of the National Distribution Union, said other companies also wanted to meet with the union to discuss scaling back production caused by the economic issues confronted by the industry. But he said that as the industry laid off workers, the Minister of Forestry was missing in action.

'Many of the industry problems that have been identified to NDU are a result of government macro-economic policy settings, rather than efficiency or productivity issues in the industry itself,' Robert Reid said. 'Given this, we reiterate our call of 16 December for the government to convene to an urgent meeting with industry and unions to see what can be done.'

'The price of raw logs is going up and up, but the price at which New Zealand can sell processed timber is going down. This, together with the high NZ dollar puts the value-added strategy at serious risk. One of New Zealand’s major export industries is in crisis. It is not acceptable for David Carter to sit back. It is time he came off holiday mode, rolled his sleeves up, and addressed the job losses in the industry'. Robert Reid said that he had written to the Minister today asking him to do this.

    Details Of Recent Wood Sector Job Losses
  • Staff employed at WPI International’s Tangiwai Mill near Ohakune have gone from 165 to 85 from the time of the announcement on 16 December. Today’s final 44 redundancies are included in the 80 job losses.
  • The Prime Sawmill in Gisborne, also owned by WPI International, is being mothballed, it was announced on December 14. Nearly all 30 workers lost their jobs, apart from four to six workers who would carry out the mothballing. Earlier, 15 Prime workers also lost their jobs, in November 2010.
  • 26 redundancies were announced job losses at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill on 14 December..

Forestry In New Zealand - Economic Background

For the year ended December 2009, the value of exports of forestry products was 8.1% of New Zealand's total merchandise exports - $3,250 million (f.o.b.).

Forestry and logging makes up around 1.1% of GDP and is the basis of an important export industry, with almost 70% of wood from the planted production forests eventually being exported in a variety of forms, including logs, wood chips, sawn timber, panel products, pulp and paper, and further manufactured wooden products, including wooden furniture." Read more... . external_link

"Maori Employment Suffering From Timber Job Losses"

Dec. 20, 2010; Scoop Independent News: "Press Release: New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. The recent spate of redundancies in the timber industry is a blow to Ma-ori employment in particular, said the CTU today. The CTU Runanga called on the Maori Party to use whatever influence it had in government to help safeguard more jobs and create new opportunities.

Syd Keepa, CTU Vice President Ma-ori, said: 'Maori workers are heavily represented in the timber industry. With Maori unemployment already running at more than double the national average these redundancies will hit Maori communities in Ohakune, Matawhero and Kawerau particularly hard. There will be next to no jobs that these workers can go to.'

A bleak week for the timber industry saw 80 jobs axed at Winstone Pulp International (WPI) Tangiwai Mill, near Ohakune, 30 jobs lost at the Prime Sawmill at Matawhero, near Gisborne, and a further 26 laid off at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill." Read more... . external_link

"Timber Tales Published"

Dec. 19, 2010; Howick and Pakurunga Times: "A PIONEERING businessman has written a book documenting more than half a century of hard yakka and achievement in a very Kiwi industry.

Ken McIntosh started East Tamaki company McIntosh Timber Laminates in 1966.

It makes “laminated timber beams used structurally for roofs and floors in residential and commercial buildings”, says the 79-year-old, who with his wife has lived in Howick for 57 years." Read more... . external_link

"Iwi Not Giving Up Fight Against Tasman Mill Discharges"

Dec. 18, 2010; Radio New Zealand: "A Bay of Plenty iwi says it will not give up its legal fight against river pollution from the Tasman pulp and paper mill, despite losing a court appeal.

Ngati Rangitihi went to the High Court to have 25-year permits issued to Carter Holt Harvey and Norske Skog last year shortened, but the appeal has been rejected.

The mill has been discharging black coloured waste water into the Tarawera River since 1955." Read more... . external_link

"Commissioners Concerned"

Dec. 17, 2010; The Nelson Mail: "The commissioners hearing a contentious application by Carter Holt Harvey to subdivide part of the Kina Peninsula have "serious concerns" over rising sea levels and landscape effects.

Their view is contained in a memorandum to all the parties involved in the hearing over CHH's application for consent to subdivide 3.04 hectares of 10.7ha it owns at the western end of the peninsula into eight lots.

The three-day hearing was adjourned last Wednesday to allow a matakite – or Maori seer – to survey the site for human remains. Tiakina Te Taiao, an environmental and resource management agency that represents four of six Nelson iwi, made the request." Read more... . external_link

"Global Pressures Blamed For Sawmill Layoffs: Rising Demand For Raw Materials Is Making Companies Search Elsewhere For Their Wood"

Dec. 17, 2010; NewsTalk ZB: "The Wood Processors Association say the layoffs in the industry is regrettable, but it's the result of global pressures.

More than 50 sawmill workers at the Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill, are the latest to have been told of job losses. Association chief executive, John Tanner, says rising demand has increased log prices and businesses are trying to manage cost.

'China is the main draw and has a major affect on prices but also India's now increasingly looking for raw materials as well', he told Newstalk ZB. 'We operate in a world market here and whether you're a domestic processor or an international processor we are competing on the same playing field'." Read more... . external_link

"It's Bittersweet, To Count Our Blessings And Losses"

Dec. 17, 2010; The Dominion Post: "OPINION: The tragic fate of the Pike River miners remains as a heavy cloud over our emerging summer. The less tragic, but nonetheless difficult fate of the Pike miners who survived – who have lost their colleagues, and now their livelihoods – also weighs down upon on our collective festive season. To lose your job at Christmas is a special kind of blow.

My thoughts also turn to the 30 families in Kawerau who have just lost their source of income at the Carter Holt Harvey sawmill. That's going to hit a small community hard. It's going to hurt.

It's difficult to find upfront information about how many Zealanders have lost their jobs in the recession – and exact numbers. We do know, from Statistics New Zealand, that in the previous year the difference between jobs created and jobs destroyed was minus 28,500. That is thousands and thousands of Christmas dinner tables." Read more... . external_link

"More Redundancies In Timber Industry"

Dec. 16, 2010; TVNZ: "Another 80 sawmill job losses have been announced. Today's job losses include 40 permanent production workers and 40 other temporary staff, management and contractors, at WPI International's Tangiwai Mill, near Ohakune.

It follows Tuesday's announcement of the mothballing of Prime Sawmill in Gisborne, and 26 job losses at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts' Kawerau sawmill. The National Distribution Union said the latest redundancies indicate a crisis in the industry.

"The price of raw logs is going up and up, but the price at which New Zealand can sell processed timber is going down. In effect, the closer a wood company is to a raw log, the more money they will make in exporting," said Robert Reid, General Secretary of the union. "The dollar is a major part, but there is a real structural problem in the industry. When value-added ends up being completely uneconomic, there is something wrong here." Read more... . external_link

"Chinese Timber Market Big Business"

Dec. 15, 2010; The Southland Times: "A multimillion-dollar shipment of New Zealand logs left Bluff yesterday as the country benefits from a Russian export tax on logs being shipped to China. Importers NAC Trading were transporting the shipment of 20,000 tonnes of logs to China.

Southport cargo operations manager Geoff Finnerty said it was just part of a growing number of forestry exports leaving Bluff. The port's dealings with NAC Trading had grown to the extent that more than 10,000 square metres had been set aside as additional storage space for NAC's logs, he said.

Southern Wood Council chairman Grant Dodson said the rising demand for New Zealand radiata pine in China was a result of the Russian Government introducing a 25 per cent export tax on unprocessed timber in late 2008. "New Zealand's basically been filling the gap, really," he said." Read more... . external_link

"Jobs Cut At Two Sawmills"

Dec. 15, 2010; The New Zealand Herald: "More than 50 sawmill workers at two North Island sawmills have been told they will lose their jobs just over a week out from Christmas. The National Distribution Union (NDU) said 26 workers were told they would be losing their jobs at the Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill yesterday.

"[The] announcement reflects what we are hearing throughout the wood processing industry, that the post-recession optimism is rapidly turning back into pessimism," NDU General Secretary Robert Reid said. The Government needed to reconsider its monetary policy, which left a high New Zealand dollar making it hard for the industry to compete globally, Mr Reid said.

The same day Winstone Pulp International (WPI) announced the closure Prime Sawmill at Matawhero, 6km west of Gisborne leaving most of the 30 workers without a job. The sawmill would close on Christmas Eve, WPI managing director David Anderson said." Read more... . external_link

"Consultation Begins On Forestry Schemes Review"

Dec. 14, 2010; Voxy News: "The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has begun consultation on the future shape of forestry schemes that encourage new forest plantings.

Schemes included in the review are the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative (PFSI), Afforestation Grant Scheme (AGS) and Hill Country Erosion Programme (HCEP).

Consultation opens on 13 December and closes on 18 February 2011." Read more... . external_link

"Killed By Stump In Forest Accident"

Dec. 14, 2010; The Gisborne Herald: "A FREAK forestry accident claimed the life of a young cable logging apprentice in the Wharerata Ranges yesterday morning.

James Te Rohe Goodfellow, 19, of Gisborne, was killed when a ridge he was standing on gave way, throwing him into a hole where he was crushed by a tree stump. He died at the scene.

Wairoa Senior Sergeant Tony Bates said James had been standing near a tree stump used as an “anchor point” for a log-hauler." Read more... . external_link

"Man Run Over By A Bulldozer"

Dec. 14, 2010; Stuff: "A man who was run over by a bulldozer on a forestry site near Koromiko was airlifted to Nelson Hospital by rescue helicopter this morning.

Sergeant Kris Payne, of Picton, said a Blenheim man, aged in his 50's or 60's, had been working on a bulldozer in a steep valley off a forestry track.

It appeared he had stopped the bulldozer and got out to move something, when the bulldozer slipped backwards and hit him, Mr. Payne said. Emergency services were called just before 8 a.m." Read more... . external_link

"Pine Plantations 'Biggest Potential For New Zealand Biofuel'"

Dec. 14, 2010; Radio New Zealand: "A forestry scientist says new Zealand has the potential to become self-sufficent in transport fuel, and biofuel produced from pine plantations is likely to be the greatest contributor.

Trevor Stuthridge, sustainable design manager for forestry research institute Scion is one of more than 70 scientists at the inaugural Biofuels Science Symposium in Rotorua.

Dr. Stuthridge says a range of natural materials, including wood, grasses and waste, can be turned into biofuels, but there are technical challenges in making them an economic source of biofuel." Read more... . external_link

"Prime Mill To Close"

Dec. 14, 2010; The Gisborne Herald: "MATAWHERO’S Prime Sawmill will close on Christmas Eve and the factory will be mothballed - leaving most of the 30 workers without a job.

Winstone Pulp International (WPI) managing director David Anderson said deteriorated market conditions and the strengthening New Zealand dollar had forced the mill to close and mothball its operation.

'Revenue is down and prices are up. We have been hanging on since we downsized the operation last year but, despite our efforts, the strengthening New Zealand dollar has caused financial losses to increase.'" Read more... . external_link

"Sawdust Tipped To Earn Millions"

Dec. 13, 2010; Stuff: "A Marlborough business says it could make millions of dollars from an invention that turns forestry waste into valuable carbon. Carbonscape has created a one-step process which turns pine sawdust into highly porous carbon, which can sell for US$2000 ($2675) a tonne.

Known as activated carbon, the substance is used in water filters and other industrial processes such as cleaning contaminated soil and water and capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power stations. Company director Nick Gerritsen said the process currently used around the world to make activated carbon took two steps and used exotic materials.

Carbonscape uses pine sawdust from forestry companies, which usually pay to dispose of the waste product, and turns it into a high-value end product, 60 per cent better quality than carbon now sold. The forestry industry gets rid of about 13 million tonnes of waste annually and even if 10 per cent is turned into activated carbon and sold overseas, revenue would be in the tens of millions, he said." Read more... . external_link

"Kawerau Sawmill Makes 30 Redundant"

Dec. 10, 2010; The New Zealand Herald: "Thirty staff at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill are losing their jobs.

Their final day of work will be January 10 next year.

In a document leaked to Rotorua's Daily Post, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Kawerau Sawmill site manager Paul Trow stated the job losses were due to a softening domestic market, increased international competition and an unfavourable exchange rate." Read more... . external_link

"Sawmillers Applaud Ministers Climate Change Stand"

Dec. 10, 2010; Voxy News: "The Minister for Climate Change issues, Nick Smith has spoken from the United Nations conference in Cancun about the importance of having timber products included as part of the solution in cutting global carbon emissions.

Brent Coffey, Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation says Mr Smith's statement will bring some real cheer to New Zealand sawmillers.

'We thoroughly support the efforts the Minister is making in getting wood recognised as one of the real heroes in the fight against climate change.'" Read more... . external_link

"Forestry Rules A Sticking Point Over Emissions"

Dec. 09, 2010; Stuff: "New Zealand can't commit to specific emission cuts until rules around forestry are worked out, Climate Change Minister Nick Smith said at United Nations global climate talks in Cancun, Mexico.

New Zealand was committed to playing a constructive role to secure a legally binding and comprehensive agreement, he said.

Forestry was a key issue for New Zealand." Read more... . external_link

"Nats Refuse To Commit To Emissions Target At Cancun"

Dec. 09, 2010; Voxy News: "The Green Party is deeply disturbed by the New Zealand Government's statement today that it will not commit to specific greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets unless it gets its way on dubious forestry rule changes.

"The National-led Government's abandonment of a specific emissions reduction target at the COP 16 climate conference unless it gets changes to forestry rules is a shockingly irresponsible act," Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said.

New Zealand's statement to the conference released this morning states that 'New Zealand's emissions are so sensitive to variations in forestry rules that we cannot commit to a specific future target until they are clear'." Read more... . external_link

"ECO2 Forests, Inc. Provides Status on Current Projects"

Dec. 07, 2010; Marketwire: "ECO2 Forests, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ECOF), a sustainable forestry company, is proud to announce the following corporate update regarding current projects.

Current projects are located in the Pacific Nation of Vanuatu, off Australia and in Northern Nevada. Both locations represent a total of 34,000 total acres -- 20,000 of which are targeted for planting." Read more... . external_link

"Southern Clams' Forest To Deliver Carbon Neutrality"

Dec. 07, 2010; Scoop Independent News: "Southern Clams has invested in its own forestry venture and in 2011 its production footprint will be carbon neutral to the first point of sale in New Zealand. The company has a strong commitment to being carbon neutral to any point of sale in the world by 2018.

Managing Director of Southern Clams, Roger Belton, believes that his Otago based commercial fishery is on target to become the first New Zealand fishery to achieve carbon neutrality status." Read more... . external_link

"New Zealand Lifts Restriction Notices On Kiwi Orchards With PSA"

Dec. 06, 2010; Fresh Fruit Portal: "Restricted Place Notices (RPNs) placed on quarantined kiwi orchards affected by the vine disease PSA have been lifted by the country’s agriculture and forestry ministry as the industry starts to manage the disease.

The lifting of the RPNs on more than 100 orchards has been replaced by guidelines outlining growers obligations to minimize the spread of the disease, which was first detected in the beginning of November, according to a document from Kiwifruit Vine Health Inc., the organization charged with managing the spread of PSA." Read more... . external_link

Forestry and Forest Industry News from New Zealand

.... most recent Forestry and Forest Industry News from New Zealand: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu-Wanganui, Wellington, Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury, Otago, Southland and around the world.

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